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GasReaper Quality.

I have been growing Autoflowers for over 10 years. I started growing autoflowers back when they first hit the market and the strains available were lack luster to say the least, but the finishing time appealed greatly to the climate and short grow season in my area. All of our strains are created in the USA and proudly so. 

Over the years I have created many different strains and I think we are finally starting to see autoflowers with the potential that their photoperiod parents have. Autoflowering cannabis has came a long way. 

We do not sell seeds direct however We work with the biggest names in the industry & You can currently purchase our gear from Seeds Here Now, Neptune Seedbank, North Atlantic Seed Company & Packbanditz seedbank. I stand behind my products 100% and if you have any trouble for any reason please feel free to reach out for help.